The Set Monthly Fee Is Cheaper and Easily Budgeted.  Problems Fixed…  Before I Knew It Was A Problem!

The single biggest benefit to using you and your company since moving to Computerware’s Total Assured Performance Plan is one call from any of our staff and the work gets taken care of quickly, many times before I was made aware of a problem.

The set monthly payment is much better than an hourly rate plus costs that we had been doing before. Those costs often skyrocketed, and we had to pay again if the fix was inadequate. Overall the set monthly fee is cheaper and easily budgeted.

When items need to be purchased for our growing dental practice, we know ahead of time and it is not a financial drain on us.

We are happy to recommend Chip and the team based on several years of experience.

Multi-Doctor Medical Practice

Reliable, Honest, Forward Thinking!

The biggest benefit to me is working with an honest, forward thinking IT company that puts into place permanent solutions to problems, not band-aid fixes.

Computerware is a reliable, cost effective, complete IT support company that outperforms all our previous support companies.

We chose Computerware for support with our firewall but soon switched over to them handling all aspects of our IT system and we have not looked back.

National Medical Distributor